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maaliskuu 12, 2008 / Jussi


I installed Launchy about a week ago, and it has been working like a charm.

This great little piece of software brings the functionality to your Windows desktop that users of Quicksilver have been enjoying on their Macs for quite a while. In all simplicity, it enables you to operate your computer much more efficiently by popping up a command box upon pressing a chosen keystroke (I prefer Win+Space).

Launchy’s built-in functionality includes launching applications by typing in a part of their name (and it also learns: after a few runs, I can start Firefox with just Win+Space, F, Enter), and opening folders and web pages. It also includes a basic calculator, and the ability to create custom commands.

As an example of custom commands, I have created a command called shutdown that just launches the command ”shutdown -s -f -t 0” to quickly shut down the computer.

As a slight downside, as the application has recently reached its 2.0 version, most of its extensions (integrated Windows desktop search, window changing by typing their names, etc.) are not yet compatible with the newest version. However, I hope that most extensions will be available soon as well.



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