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lokakuu 27, 2007 / Jussi

Thunderbird Sort Orders

By default, Thunderbird sorts new mail and news messages by date, with the newest message last, unthreaded. I however prefer having the newest message at the top, with threading.

Changing the sort order can of course be done fairly easily by clicking the respective list headers, but this has to be done for each folder separately.

However, the default sort order can be changed pretty easaily using about:config. The about:config editor can be opened from Preferences | Advanced | General in TB 1.5; 1.0 users can edit prefs.js directly or install an extension.

The related settings are the following integer values:

  • mailnews.default_news_sort_order: news sort order
  • mailnews.default_news_sort_type: news sort column
  • mailnews.default_sort_order: mail sort order
  • mailnews.default_sort_type: mail sort column

XULPlanet provides a list of possible values for *_sort_order and *_sort_type.


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