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heinäkuu 27, 2007 / Jussi

JBuilder 2006 SP 3 not available for Foundation

It’s been a while since I last coded in Java, but lately I’ve taken up the noble hobby again.

My favorite IDE for developing Java applications is Borland JBuilder, but only the versions up to JBuilder 2006. The more recent IDEs are based on Eclipse, and Eclipse is elephantine and I don’t like the newest versions the least bit.

Of course I would like to benefit from the new features of the most recent JDK, but since JB06 was released before Mustang, it would need an update. The update in question is Service Pack 3, but alas, it is available only for registered (i.e. paying) users, and not for Foundation users. How unfortunate.

For the moment, I’ll just have to hope that there’s no J2SE6 feature that the IDE can’t handle. Luckily, JBuilder uses documentation, classes and source directly from the JDK, so CodeInsight and documentation work just fine, as well as compilation using JDK6.



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